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Years of smoking and a debilitating fear of dentists left me with a mouthful of misshapen rotten and ugly teeth so much so that I wouldn’t smile or laugh without covering my mouth with my hand.

A previous dentist suggested veneers and a partial denture which after only a few years came away from the gums, the partial denture was impossible to eat with and the whole experience left me miserable, depressed, in pain and out of pocket.

Then one day, having done extensive research, I decided that maybe implants were the way to go.  I took the plunge and went to visit Dr. Joseph Bonner to discuss my options.  I’d heard that he was one of only a few dentists in Donegal offering dental implants.  I didn’t want to travel I wanted to be relatively close so that if anything went wrong it could be dealt with quickly without having to book flights or accommodation or both.

After an extensive consultation with Joe he suggested I was a good candidate for All-on-4 dental implants.  Again I did my research and yes it was just what I was looking for.

I was nervous and apprehensive but the whole procedure (which took about 10 months from beginning to end?) was much easier than I thought.  Joe and his team could not do enough for me.  They were professional and friendly and put me at ease right from the get go.  They still do.

I was delighted with my new teeth from the very start.  The ‘temporaries’ that are put in place while the ‘permanents’ are being produced were great.  I couldn’t imagine the final thing being any better.  But they were and today I smile like a Cheshire cat, laugh out loud and eat anything I want with total confidence.  The latter was what surprised me most.  Years of looking at a menu for the ‘softest’ thing so as not to have my partial denture fall out took its toll and I found it difficult to believe I would ever eat steak again.  But I have.  I can eat everything.  Even chocolate…from the fridge!

I can’t praise Joe and his team enough.  The care they took with this anxious patient was excellent from beginning to end.  And the aftercare that I still receive is second to none.

I won’t lie and say it was inexpensive or entirely pain free but if you were to ask me ‘would I do it again?’  The answer would be “In a heartbeat!

Thank you Joe, Ramona, Bronagh, Anne and all the team for a job well done.

---Nora, Donegal Town

I and my four other family members have been patients of Dr. Joseph Bonner of the Abbeyglebe Dental Practice for more than two decades. During that extended period Joseph and his highly accomplished team have had cause to carry out a variety of dental work for us ranging from routine check-ups and hygiene treatments to significantly complicated surgery.

I am aware that Joseph has attained his formal qualifications from a prestigious university in Ireland as well as undertaking additional specialist studies and qualifications in surgical techniques in both Britain and Scandinavia. All of these combine to afford him a skill set of the highest professional standards.

In terms of specific treatments in my case has been the insertion of both a full upper and lower series of dental implants. As expected, this is a demanding set of surgical procedures yet the procedure was completed in a single day. I am pleased to record that Joseph and his associates dealt with this complex matter with the utmost of sensitivity and professionalism. They were at all times anxious to confirm my awareness and understanding of the procedures and the prospective outcomes. At all times my questions and concerns were listened to and addressed in full.

I am pleased to record that I was extremely delighted with the outcome of the the latter complex work as well as the many years of care I received and that I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Joseph Bonner and his team of colleagues at Abbeyglebe Dental Practice to anyone considering dental services ranging from routine check-ups and hygiene to complex surgery.

- A very satisfied customer. Cath, Donegal

Whenever I heard that Dr Joe Bonner was going to be doing implants I knew this was the time to have my partial denture fitting replaced after wearing it for 26 years.
I had a consultation with him and he very patiently outlined the options open to me and what would be involved. Having made my choice my treatment began and despite my initial ‘fear’ of what would have to be done to have my implants fitted all was done very efficiently and painlessly thanks to Dr Joseph Bonner and his very attentive staff.
The difference this has made is tremendous – I’m no longer conscious of my smile, now in photos I’m the one with the widest smile. I’m no longer afraid of eating ‘al dente’ foods or hard fruits and best of all my speech is much clearer. I’m so glad I got this work done and cannot thank Dr Joe Bonner and his staff enough for their professionalism, efficiency and attentiveness.

- Paula, Donegal Town

Dear  Joe,
I'm really glad to get this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful team for the great dental work I received recently.  Your care and expertise was second to none and from day one I felt totally confident in a successful outcome.  You kept me informed every step of the way, answered every question and calmed my many fears.
Like a lot of people of my generation (I am retired) I neglected my teeth through a combination of factors, While in California some years ago I was persuaded to overcome my dental phobia and had some very expensive implants done which proved unsuccessful. I was so downhearted and thought nothing could be done but you Joe restored my smile again and I'll be eternally grateful.  I no longer have to hide my mouth when cameras are in use and have the confidence to go out and meet people.  It has contributed to a big improvement in my general wellbeing and I feel years younger.  It was money well spent and I feel it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Donegal is so lucky to have such a state of the art dental practice where world class work is carried out with very thorough after care.

Many thanks again Joe and I wish you and your team many years of continued success.

Yours smilingly

- Marianne, Co. Donegal

The loss of a front tooth is a crushing blow to one's self esteem. However, when this happened to me, I could see it was just a temporary little problem that had a permanent solution in the form of a dental implant. Thanks to the professional expertise of Dr Bonner and his dedicated team I can smile again with confidence. Whats more, my new tooth came at such a reasonable price, I couldn't afford to be without it

- Amanda, Co. Donegal

I had a consultation with Joseph and was advised on my treatment options. So I had implants and bridge work done. Each stage was explained to me and I had personal attention.

Treatment has resulted in a very natural appearance, with the implants being well matched to my own teeth. Joseph is very proficient and his price competitive. The staff are well trained and caring, and surgery and procedures very hygienic. I'm well pleased with the finished product. I would recommend this practice for dental work.

- Jacqueline, Donegal Town

I recently had a dental implant done on one of my front teeth, and was delighted with the outcome. Prior to having it done my front tooth was loose, and I was terrified it would break. I have to say I received excellent professional care, and attention throughout the whole procedure. Joseph, and his team explained each stage of the process and their attention to detail was second to none.  My implant matches perfectly to my own teeth. The follow-up care after each process was excellent, and I always found Joseph, and all his team professional and efficient at all times.

- Olivia, Donegal

Hi My name is Caroline.
I would like to say the work Joe and his team does is excellent.The best ever. In 1998 which is sixteen years ago I unfortunately lost one of my front teeth which is a big deal for anyone. So I went to Joe's practice and he said the next thing for me was to have a bridge put in. I wont lie at the time it seemed like alot of money but it was the best money I ever spent. It looked so perfect you couldnt tell it wasnt my real teeth. It was same shape and colour as my real teeth. It has stood the test of time as sixteen years is a long time. Of course the after care from Joe and his team has been brilliant which is very important. I can't praise their work enough. If you have any doubts about getting work done - dont. Just go for it you will be so happy with the outcome. I also have two crowns which are perfect. So  thanks very much to Joe and his team for a healthy smile. :-)

- Caroline, Donegal.

Having had dentures for some years I was delighted to learn during consultation with Dr Bonner that it was possible to have implant procedure done here in Donegal on my own doorstep. My mouth is so much more comfortable now. The main difference it makes to me is that I forget I ever had a problem. I can recommend Dr Bonner and each of his excellent team without reservation.

- Sheila, Donegal Town

They say life begins at 40, and in my case it began in my forties, after treatment provided by Joe & his professional team! What stars, my only regret was to have waited so long!

Joe, thank you and your team for the positive impact you have had on my life.  The result is that, after previously being embarrassed to open my mouth, I am now able to smile, laugh and sing with confidence. The before-and-after pictures speak for themselves, and I shall have no hesitation in recommending your practice to any of my friends and acquaintances.
The best testimonial I can give is my smile. Now, what to do about the crows feet from all this smiling?. In summary,I would recommend Dr. Bonner to anyone looking for a top notch dentist. He is the only dentist for me and my family. I recommend him highly.

- Susan, Donegal Town