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Using dental implants and the most innovative restoration techniques we can provide patients with a full arch of permanent teeth, comparable to natural teeth, in just one day.

Working closely with our Dental Technicians we can provide a beautiful and natural looking result, which is fully functional within hours.



Commonly referred to as 'ALL-on-4', this is a technique in which a complete arch of permanent teeth can be replaced on just four dental implants.

The four implants are strategically placed in the lower or upper jaw to support a full arch of teeth.  

The Procedure

As is the case with single/multiple implant treatment, there are 3 stages involved in the All-on-4™.

Stage 1: Planning Stage

Treatment planning is as important as the treatment itself. During this stage, diagnostic photography and radiography will be used to determine the suitability of implant treatment. A 3D CT scan will also be required in order to assess the anatomical considerations and to evaluate the levels and quality of bone. This scan will be taken using the advanced scanning facility here at Abbeyglebe Dental Practice. 

The scan is studied in conjunction with our NobelClinician software to virtually plan your surgery.

Impressions may also be taken in some cases in order to make up a diagnostic wax up which will help illustrate the achievable end result.

Stage 2: Implant Placement

Under a local anaesthetic, the 4 implants are gently and painlessly placed through the gum into the bone.  An initial protoype bridge will be loaded onto your implants.  This initial bridge will be fixed meaning you will experience the benefits of your therapy instantly.

Alternatively an interim denture can be provided while the implants integrate with the bone. 

Antibiotics will be supplied postoperatively to encourage healing and to help keep the mouth clean and healthy

Stage 3: Restoration

Restoration can begin following the healing period (usually between 3 and 6 months) when the implants are deemed permanent.
Impressions will be taken and sent to the laboratory where your bridge will be custom made to your requirements. Three weeks later these new (permanent) teeth are fitted.

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